Dr. Wei-Chih Chen - wcchen@apyron.com
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

In addition to overall management of Apyron, Dr.Wei-Chih Chen, leads the Company's Product R&D efforts . Dr. Chen brings more than 16 years of product development experience in the water industry to Apyron. With an expertise in adsorptive and specialty media development as well as point-of-use devices for drinking water applications, Dr. Chen ensures Apyron will retain its innovative edge in the drinking water industry, a key market for the Company.  Our R&D priorities are expediting the commercialization of water treatment products, continuous performance optimization of current products, and fostering the flow of product innovations.
Prior to joining Apyron, Dr, Chen was a Senior Research Scientist at Cuno, Inc., a leader in the fluid filtration and purification industry, where he led development efforts for specialty media products and point-of-use-devices. Integrating a total market approach to product development, Dr. Chen organized engineering, marketing, and manufacturing team members into new product launch programs. Dr. Chen holds a PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering from Lehigh University and an MS in Polymer Chemistry from the Central Michigan University/Michigan Molecular Institute. Dr. Chen currently holds four U.S. patents.

Dr. Les Story - lstory@apyron.com
President and Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Story brings over 34 years of direct operating and business development experience to the Company's leadership team. Having served in numerous management and executive positions, Dr. Story has the knowledge and skill set needed to structure and implement the Company's vision, recognize new opportunities, and overcome the challenges faced by a growing company. By employing essential strategic planning skills and well-tested leadership methods needed to take Apyron to the next level, Dr. Story helps ensure Apyron's continued success.

Prior to joining Apyron in early 2000, Dr. Story was Executive Vice President at Dallas-based Occidental Chemical where he was responsible for corporate engineering, R&D, and pharmaceutical and commercial development. Dr. Story was also previously Executive Vice President for Specialty Chemicals and held executive positions at BASF and DuPont. Dr. Story earned a BS in chemistry at the University of Illinois and a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry at Florida State University.


Bob Thomas- bthomas@apyron.com
Vice President - Sales


John A. Reade - jareade@apyron.com
Chief Financial Officer



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